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Member Spotlight: DIY iPhone Client Testimonials with Sharon Stahl

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In this special Member Spotlight, Sharon Stahl will share a handful of tools for using your phone to film your happy clients raving about you!

Your clients are your best spokespeople - walk away from this workshop with the know-how to film your clients singing your praises. 

In this interactive, hands-on session, Sharon will show you how to:

  • Use your iPhone to capture professional and cost effective client testimonials
  • Take advantage of low-cost tools 
  • Set up your cell phone for optimal DIY testimonials
  • Direct your subjects to "get to the point"
  • Post videos onto social media! 

As seats are limited, advance online registration is required. Free for members. $30 for non-members.  All are welcome!

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This event is the third in a Member Spotlight series on Visual Storytelling With Your Mobile Phone that will complement and build upon each other. A true collaboration among Hivery members!

The Member Spotlight is one of The Hivery's signature monthly programs that happen on Fridays from 12:30-1:45pm 1-2 times/month. Check out our upcoming events calendar for details!

About Sharon Stahl


Hi, I’m Sharon Stahl. Redhead, freckle faced, New York Creative Director, dog lover, design enthusiast, lover of food and all things chocolate, morning person, punctual to a fault, organ donor and occasional tango dancer. My expertise is creating beautiful, personal videos that require very little on-camera acting for the client. I call it, Fearless Video. 

The goal of my video is to emotionally connect with the viewer. To do this, the person that I am working with needs to be confident and authentic. I help my clients by creating a core creative concept, script, video production and editorial that truly represents who they are and how they want to project themselves as professionals.

Creating these videos for me is very personal. This kind of work takes a connection with everyone involved in the production. And I am very proud that some many of my clients have become friends.