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Post-It Note Happy Hour


You have ideas. You have GREAT ideas.

Your big ideas should be making you money and changing people’s lives. But how do you get from brilliant idea to live in the world?

Join Business Strategist, Megan Flatt, for this super fun Pop Up Post-It Planning Party! Megan will show us how to create and organize our project, and get it scheduled using her favorite office supply—Post-its! 

You’ll learn how to use Post-its to turn all the pieces and parts in your head into a coherent, focused plan. You’ll know exactly what to do when, so you can finally take action on your big idea. 

Come by The Hivery for this Post-It Happy Hour, grab a glass of bubbly or a warm cup of tea and join your fellow #womendoingcoolstuff as you map out your next big idea on post it notes!

This workshop is for any woman with big ideas (!) So if you are an entrepreneur, an author, or your working on your passion project, this system will work for you.

You’ll leave the evening feeling a sense of relief and excitement over your newly planned project. And more than that, you’ll have a week-by-week plan of how to get your amazing idea out into the world!

As space is limited, we kindly ask that you please register online in advance. Free for members. $20 for non-members. All are welcome!

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About Megan Flatt


Megan Flatt is a business growth strategist and time management expert. She works with female entrepreneurs who need a strategy and plan to bring their next big idea into the world. Her love of all things office supplies make her post it note planning system fun and light. You can read more about her at