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Tap into the Secret Power of Color

Featured Hivery Member Event
We love highlighting great events that our dear Hivery Members host at The Hivery. We invite our Members and community to host inspiring events of all kinds in our beautiful space. Learn more about our private event program here.

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You are invited to Tap into the Secret Power of Color!

Join us at The Hivery to learn from Color Expert, Jennifer Butler, who has worked with more than 7000 clients. Over 90% of communication is non-verbal, what message do your clothes send when you enter a room? 


What to expect:

  • Introduction into the Psychology of Color and Design
  • An overview of Essence
  • A preview of Dress with Intention
  • A summary of the 4 Seasonal Archetypes
  • You are invited to wear an outfit for Jennifer to review and give feedback on.

If you're interested in discovering and living beauty as a spiritual principle then this is the seminar for you! Bring a friend, guests are free and snacks are provided. 

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The Hivery Private Event Policy
Please note that this event is not being hosted by The Hivery. We invite our Members and greater community to host private events and programs at The Hivery. Private event hosts are responsible for ticketing and overall event experience for all guests.