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Trainwreck Tuesday


Ever feel like everyone else seems to have it all figured out? And you’re the only one hanging by a thread, stuck in overwhelm, or feeling like you’re doing tons of things, but not getting anywhere? We all feel like a trainwreck sometimes, but there’s no reason to feel alone. Support, some easy tools, and a dash of humor go a long way in working through it.

Join us for Trainwreck Tuesday, a celebration of challenges and tools for getting through them.  In this supportive session, we’ll come together to share stories of recent challenges and “failures” as a group and reframe them as data and little wins. 

As a group, we’ll talk about the difficulties of these moments and experiences and the importance of not letting setbacks keep us from moving forward. We’ll celebrate pushing through, the joy of laughing, and moving forward. Everyone is welcome and sharing is voluntary. 

As seats are limited, we kindly ask that you please register online in advance. Free for members. $30 for non-members. BYO brown-bag lunch discussion.  All are welcome!

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Jen Baxter is a writer, photographer and storyteller. She works with businesses to create social media content that engages customers and focuses on community building. She’s also Assistant Director of the Firefly Institute Women’s Photography Camp taking place October 11-15th at Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma.


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Sheryl Ott is the Founder of Dare to Detour which offers transformative women's retreats off the beaten path throughout North America and beyond. Her next retreat happens September 14-17, 2017 at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in Montana.