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Yearning to Belong: Why we seek meaningful connection, community, and the support of each other.

Hivery Founder & CEO Grace Kraaijvanger will facilitate a lively, interactive panel discussion on why we seek connectedness and a yearning to belong more than ever before. While technology and social media have provided us with the ability to stay connected, we’re more mobile and increasingly disconnected, leaving us with temporary, ephemeral closeness. The natural desire for more intimate and authentic connection is what is driving people to communities like The Hivery where we can experience solidarity in communion, beauty, and art.

Dutch writer Harry Mulish of Two Women said, “Every person has, I believe, the feeling that she doesn’t belong, in the lives of other people. That she is in some way different, a guest, and she takes all possible measures to make sure that others won’t notice.  This is the feeling that all people have, and that is precisely why we all belong together.”

Our panelists will discuss how we experience unconscious gender bias and belonging, why we go through different transitions in life that lead to the pursuit of greater fulfillment and how community is the modern day spiritual solution for greater closeness and deeper meaning.


Our Panelists: 

Becca Piastrelli is the woman behind The Dabblist, where she holds space for women to awaken their creativity, stop chasing perfect, and work with their hands again in a space of creative sisterhood. She also works with bloggers and online business owners, helping them authentically market and build their tribes online.  You can find her extrovert-ing with fellow creative women at The Hivery while drinking entirely too much coffee and making overly animated facial expressions.

Laura Riordan is a life coach who helps clients in transition find balance and meaningful success. With a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and 20 years in the mind and body wellness industry, she brings wisdom, clarity and swiftness to her coaching practice. In addition to a coaching individuals, Laura spends time working with groups, especially women searching for What’s Next. A key element of the group is to provide participants with a sense of belonging. Participants are generally facing similar challenges and experiences. The power of belonging to a group propels the participants to try new things and remain focused on their goal. Laura then steps in to help participants find bigger versions of themselves and create a road map to get there. 


Janet Crawford, CEO of Cascadance Keynote Speaker including TedX, Culture Designer, Executive Coach, Expert on Unconscious Bias, Gender Issues, and the need for belonging. Through exploring the biology and neuroscience of how humans work together, Janet helps leaders develop the leadership presence, trust-building behaviors, visionary thinking and engaging environments that produce extraordinary results.

A primary focus in the past two years has been helping companies address unconscious gender bias and related hidden neural barriers to full representation and advancement of women. She speaks extensively on the topic all over the world and is considered an expert in collaboration, neuroscience, diversity, and our fundamental need for community. She also founded The Women and Innovation Lab, one-day design lab to explore implicit bias and other hidden barriers to full feminine participation in the innovation ecosystem, from entrepreneurship, funding, education and media, to leadership and decision-making in business and government. 


Elaine Petrocelli is the president of Book Passage, the fiercely independent bookstore in Corte Madera, California, and at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. 

The two stores host over 700 author events a year. Book Passage hosts many famous authors – including Al Gore, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Arianna Huffington, Lewis Black, Isabel Allende, Amy Tan, and Salman Rushdie – but many once unknown authors say that an author event hosted by Elaine helped lead to their success. She is often called by major media to comment on books, authors and the book business. 

To compliment this evening of community discussion, Artist Becca Hall will be showing her new work in the studio where she will also be offering participants the opportunity to collaborate with her directly on making a piece of art. Her work utilizes natural materials that play with the ancient principles of alchemy. 

This event is anticipated to sell out quickly, so we encourage all members and guests to take advantage of reserving a spot early to ensure that you can participate in what’s sure to be an evening of thought-provoking conversation.

Includes cocktails, light bites, and an interactive discussion. Members: $32. Non-members: $40. 

Yearning to Belong
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