Grace Kraaijvanger
Founder and CEO,
The Hivery

Thought leader on women’s empowerment

Expert on building community
and values-based business

Trailblazer for the way we create workspace

Facilitator and mentor for female entrepreneurs

Professional dancer turned CEO



Grace Kraaijvanger is a visionary entrepreneur, artist, and community-maker who created The Hivery as a realization of her longstanding dream to bring a community of women together in a beautiful space -- a space that would inspire and empower them to reach their fullest potential. From the beginning, The Hivery has been a metaphor for so much more than just a physical space. It represents a movement and an elevation of women, and was one of the very first female-fueled coworking spaces in the United States.

Before launching The Hivery in 2014, and after a decade-long career as a professional ballet and modern dancer in San Francisco, Grace began working as a marketing executive for Fortune 500 technology companies. But the unexpected loss of her mother catalyzed her search for work with deeper meaning. On that search she realized there were so many women, just like her, in pursuit of their next chapter: women who wanted to switch careers, start businesses, go back to work, or change direction to pursue a passion. She also realized there was no “space”, both literally and metaphorically, for them to find and create meaningful work outside of “work” norms. So, she decided to create one and, a year later, The Hivery was born.


Over the years as The Hivery continues to grow, Grace has discovered much of what she knows to be true about starting and running a business is rooted in dance and artistic expression: the importance of showing up every day and doing the work; surrounding yourself with people who believe in your unique purpose; and leveraging setbacks as invaluable learning tools. According to Grace, “entrepreneurs are artists of life.”

Grace is a go-to speaker and business mentor who has spoken at high-profile events such as QuickBooks Connect, Wonder Women Tech, Watermark, The Girls Lounge at Dreamforce, Listen to Your Mother, and Woven Women’s Conference, in addition to hosting countless Hivery events and gatherings. She speaks about building values-based business, creating community, women’s empowerment, and her experience as the founder of one of the first female-fueled co-working spaces in the world.


Clients include: QuickBooks Connect, Wonder Women Tech, Watermark, The Girls Lounge at Dreamforce, Listen to Your Mother, Woven Women’s Conference, and more.

Interviews and Facilitation include: Dr. Tererai Trent, Marie Forleo, Elle Luna, Chip Connolly, Helen Russell, Sonja Perkins, and more.

Topics Include:

  • Creating Your What’s Next with Passion and Purpose

  • Creating Values-Based Business

  • Creating an Authentic Community with Kindness and Creativity

  • Building Business Like an Artist

  • Giving Back through Bold Impact

  • Topics are customized based upon request and audience

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