The Hivery Private Event Request Form

Host an event your way at The Hivery! The Hivery offers a beautiful space that caters to all kinds of experiences. Hosting an event at The Hivery is a powerful way to grow your business, promote your work, build a practice, and create new connections, clients and partnerships. Popular events include book launch parties, new product and art showcases, nonprofit fundraisers, business and writing workshops, and more! We love to highlight great events happening at The Hivery and often include them in our events calendar. To learn more about private event options and pricing, please visit our Host An Event page.

Please complete the following form to provide us with the information we need to assist with your request.

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Organizer's Phone
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Date of Event (Option 2)
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Actual Start Time (Doors Open)
Between 9 am - 9 pm only. For weekday evenings in our open space, 6:30pm is earliest start time. The Creative Studio conference room can be booked during business hours and seats 26 people.
Actual End Time (Doors Close)
Actual End Time (Doors Close)
Between 9 am - 9 pm only.
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Event Set Up Start Time
When you need access to the space to begin setting up. Please include this set-up time in your private event booking hours.
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When you will be ready to leave the space and everything is cleaned up! Please include this clean-up time in your private event booking hours.
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Please note that The Hivery reviews all private event requests and does not guarantee inclusion in the upcoming events calendar.
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Deadline for Venue Decision
Please note that we have a 7-10 business day processing period for private events.

NOTE: All private events require an on-site point person.  For evening and weekend events, please note that there is a refundable security deposit of $500 and non-refundable $125 cleaning fee. All private event rentals include use of tables, kitchen, Wi-Fi, monitor, white board, and markers.