Bonus Video!

Kindness + Self-Care

We are excellent at being kind to others; I see it every day at The Hivery and in the world. I see people helping others, cheering them on, pumping others up when they need a hand or encouragement. But I find that we, the same people who help others, are often slow to turn kindness on ourselves, especially when we are in a place of expansion or transition.

My wish for all of us is to pause in the middle of our busy days and extend kindness to ourselves, to see our “works-in-progress” as beautiful, impactful and on the right track, even if they don’t feel that way. So many of us have dreams for where we want to be, and instead of cheering ourselves on, we often think poorly of our efforts when we don’t see the results happening as quickly or as perfectly as we’d like.

My wish for all of us is to celebrate our works-in-progress, whatever they may be. Celebrate the smallest of wins, and forgive failures and see them as great opportunities to learn. Self-kindness and self-care are often more learned than innate, but when incorporated into our lives, can make our days more filled with ease, love, and acceptance.

A few words of encouragement for you in the video below. Enjoy!

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