Private Mentorship for Founders Creating Space and Community

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Private Mentorship for Founders Creating Space and Community

from 2,800.00

Building A Vibrant, Profitable Women’s Space + Community

A Personalized Mentorship Program by Grace Kraaijvanger, Founder of The Hivery

Having founded one of the first female-focused co-working spaces in the country, I’ve learned a lot! If you’re starting a co-working space or women’s community, I’ve developed a mentorship program just for YOU.

If you’re…

  • afraid it’s going to cost more than you realized…

  • not sure how to attract members...

  • feeling out of your comfort zone…

  • looking for a mentor who’s successfully been down this road before…

I’m here for you.

I know first-hand how daunting it can be to figure out ALL of the details required to identify, launch, and grow a space and community. And I know how it feels to take a big risk, financial leap, and big commitments like signing a lease. It’s scary. I’ve been there. And, I know what it takes to make it work and thrive.

Program Details

My confidential 1:1 Consulting and Mentorship Program for Women’s Spaces + Communities is what you need to create a viable, thriving women’s focused space that is a godsend for your members and a deeply satisfying and profitable business for you.

I’ll show you how I’ve learned to integrate core values into everything we do from:

  • location selection

  • staffing

  • customer service

  • aesthetics

  • pricing

  • programming

  • creating signature programs

  • running a profitable business

  • exploring partnerships

and everything in between

Why am I offering this?

Look, I’ve been advised (many times!) to keep all of that learning and intellectual property to myself. "Don’t share it, for fear they’ll steal it". But, I strongly disagree.

I believe in this movement for women and I am absolutely positive that there’s enough to go around. It’s the scarcity mentality that makes us insecure and focused on comparison. It’s the abundant mindset that reminds us that if I create, live, and work authentically, that no one can “copy” me…and if YOU create, live, and work authentically, that no one can do it just like you, either.

In other words, the more we share, the more there is to go around.

If you’re thinking about opening a women’s space, are actively working to open a space, or have a space or community for women, you WILL need a mentor.


Two options to choose from

OPTION 1: 1-day private, in-person session with Grace (with option for two virtual 1/2 days if travel is not realistic)

OPTION 2: 3-Month Consulting Program with private one-day in-person (details below)

  • Two monthly video coaching sessions via Zoom with Grace Kraaijvanger, Founder/CEO of The Hivery.

  • Consultations via two monthly coaching sessions and email on business plan, financing options, pricing, brand, messaging, space design, space management, programming, marketing, hiring and staffing, operations and process, technology, and more.

  • Includes a custom visit to The Hivery and one full-day of private, in-person brainstorming, working, hiking/yoga, and yummy meals with Grace.

Grace Kraaijvanger, Founder and CEO of The Hivery, is the recognized pro at bringing women together in an authentic, meaningful way through space and community, creating vulnerable honesty around transformation, and giving every woman who is touched by this ground-breaking concept, a place to belong. New clients are accepted based on limited openings in the program, as well as an application and phone interview process, to ensure a great fit and value-add for both mentor and mentee.


1- day private coaching session at The Hivery in beautiful Mill Valley, California; $2,800

Includes a custom visit to The Hivery and one full-day of 1:1, in-person consultations, document/model review, brainstorming, working, hiking/yoga (movement), and yummy meals with Grace. Can also be done virtually over two half-day working sessions on Zoom.


3- Month Consulting Investment: $10,000. Payable in three monthly installments.


  • I am your women’s space and women’s community expert, and right-hand advisor in getting your business off the ground, or growing your existing community.

  • I am your confidant and mentor for building and growing your business in a way that is authentically and uniquely you, AND resonates deeply with the community that you want to attract.

  • I review plans, financials, messaging, and anything else related to your business that needs an expert’s eye (note that I’m not an attorney or CPA).

  • I provide guidance and advice on the things you don’t know how to do or the parts of entrepreneurship that are out of your comfort zone.

  • I do help you define the core values of your business that you will use to guide, inform, and make decisions for all that you do.

  • I do help you to create repeatable, value-add programming that will keep your community engaged, learning, and loyal.

  • I do help you to define your aesthetic, space layout, and amenities in a way that is fully aligned with your members’ needs and your core values.

  • I do help you to learn and define your leadership style, and how to communicate as a community leader.

  • I do help you to identify and approach partnerships and affinity groups to grow your membership.

  • I prefer working with clients whose geographic locations are not in the Bay Area/Northern California, as The Hivery has an impactful presence here.

  • I don’t share The Hivery’s data, financials, salaries, or personal information about myself, my team, or our members.

  • I do have boundaries, but I am very clear and upfront about them.

  • I don’t make promises that The Hivery will or won’t open in a specific location in the future.

  • I do act with complete integrity.

  • I do tell you the truth about what I think of your plans, financial projections, or ideas.

  • I do consider all of my coaching clients for future leadership roles at The Hivery as we expand, but I don't make promises about future involvement with The Hivery.

  • I don’t act as an attorney or CPA (at all), but I do use my past and current experience as a profitable business owner to help you put your best foot forward to create a viable female-fueled business that gives you deep satisfaction.

  • I don’t always respond same-day to email requests for review, but I DO have a panic-button option for my 3-month mentees that have an urgent need or require a fast and furious pick-me-up.

  • I do take on VERY FEW clients so that I can offer sublime value in my guidance mentorship, while continuing to run and grow The Hivery.

  • I do consider mentees/clients as potential mentors, teachers, coaches, and leaders of The Hivery’s signature programming.

Please email me at for questions or a phone discussion to find out if this program is right for you. I offer this consulting on a very limited, invitation-only basis.


Upon purchasing your consultation, we will send you a contract for this program for your signature. Then, we will book your first session or VIP day. Consultations often require booking up to 1-month in advance. We will of course book your first meeting as soon as we can!