Join The Hivery Community in Supporting
Those Affected by the North Bay Fires 

It is with such a heavy heart that we unite with love and support for everyone who has been impacted by the devastating fires in the North Bay.  

A note from our fabulous Entrepreneur Lab keynote speaker, Eileen Gittens, who lives in Healdsburg: Several wineries up here have formed a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild homes for those who don’t have the kind of insurance that will enable them to stay in the area. We very much want these families to be able to stay here — right where they belong!  Once the immediate relief efforts naturally wane, this particular effort will carry on. Please consider supporting Rebuild Wine Country — 100% of donations will go towards rebuilding homes for fire victims. 

Please note: We will be updating this page regularly as requests and needs change. We are working closely with local organizations to ensure that our support efforts are directed where they are most needed. 

Ways you can contribute through The Hivery: 

During regular business hours (8:30am-6:00pm), The Hivery will be collecting:

  • New toothbrushes
  • New socks
  • Unopened feminine hygiene products
  • $20 and under gift cards (details below)

Please bring these items to the relief bins located just inside our entrance at 38 Miller Avenue, Suite 20 in Mill Valley and we will take care of delivering them to evacuation centers that are in need. 

The Hivery is accepting donations of $20 and under gift cards for common stores located around the evacuation shelters (Safeway, CVS, Starbucks, Subway, Visa, Mastercard, etc.), so shelter victims can purchase items they need that are not provided by aid workers. The Hivery is partnering with local organizations to distribute these. If you are interested in donating gift cards, please drop them off with The Hivery Concierge at the front desk.


Local News Updates

Housing Opportunities

  • AirBnB is offering ways for families to get free housing or donate free housing for evacuees. 

Volunteer & Donation Opportunities

Additional resources and ways to help
*The below articles have resource lists that are being updated regularly. 

Helpful Links