The Hivery 'We Rise' Scholarship Program

Inspired by Maya Angelou's poem, Still I Rise, and the powerful, brave work of women everywhere, we launched The Hivery 'We Rise' Scholarship Program to empower, contribute and support passionate, bold beings who work tirelessly toward equality.  


// congratulations to our Scholarship Winners!


Jessica Hollinger, Marin Grassroots Leadership Network
Marin Grassroots Leadership Network’s purpose is to build the capacity of low-income African-American, Latino and Southeast Asian communities to advance public policy that promotes social and economic equity in Marin County in alignment with the Equal Voice framework.



Marti Grimminck, International Connector
International Connector's global millennial network drives innovation + change for businesses to adapt their thinking for the future, while at the same time, providing skills and opportunities to youth in 190 countries regardless of their background or credentials.

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