The Hivery San Francisco is coming to
Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

The Hivery is an award-winning, female-fueled coworking space centered on the core values of kindness, creativity and community. Our beautiful new space in Fort Mason will include:

  • 25 foot ceilings and abundant parking

  • Views of the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Inspiring events and workshops

  • No application process (everyone is welcome!)

  • The supportive community you’ve been waiting for.

  • Our award-winning design (Best Office Space in the US and Canada!)


Inspiration comes from the space you inhabit.

We believe deeply in inclusion, and all are welcome at The Hivery.
There is no application or review process to join!
Simply sign up for the membership that is perfect for you.

Our doors are wide open to all, and we’d love to have you.


Image by Gracie Turner Design

Image by Gracie Turner Design


Choose the Membership That’s Right For You



Membership Benefits


Special Pre-Opening Prices

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Get 30% off a 12-month Prepaid Unlimited Membership Package
($280/month). Limited time only!



Looking for the best value?

Get 15% off a 6-month prepaid Coworking package (applies to all Coworking membership levels)

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Get 30% off a 12-month Prepaid Unlimited Membership Package
($280/month. Limited time only!)

Building and growing The Hivery has been a spectacular journey. We started in early 2014 and have created a massive BUZZ with our award-winning space in Mill Valley, California. You have been asking us to expand The Hivery, and we heard you.

We want you on this adventure with us. There are amazing things coming to help bring the magic, kindness, collaboration, and impact of The Hivery to everyone who is craving that sense of belonging and meaningful contribution, and kind, impactful community.


  • Your membership will be held in our sure-to-sell-out space with a discounted deposit for those who sign up early.

  • You will be an instrumental part of growing this movement for elevating the voices of women and building new "spaces" both literally and metaphorically, to create meaningful work for all.

  • You will be the first to know when new Hivery initiatives and plans are announced.

  • You will be an ambassador in our growth and part of our exciting new space, including launch parties, inspiring gatherings, events, bring-a-friend passes, etc.

Why Join The Hivery?

Our community is made up of a wide array of ages and stages of life, but what the people in our community often have in common is that they are experiencing some sort of transformation. We know first-hand how challenging and unknown it can be to move into the next chapters of life. Navigating what’s next on your own can feel overwhelming, scary and stifling. We are here for our community as you embark on periods of transformation, whether that’s changing careers, going back to work after a pause, quitting a job to start a business, scaling a business to the next level or preparing to shift your work life due to a life event, like having a baby, losing a loved one, or empty nesting.

Whatever the reason for the “what’s next” in your life, we provide our community a safe space to explore, discover, learn, mentor, grow and elevate your work.

The Hivery local membership gives you co-working access, as well as discounted access to our recurring, signature programming. Programming content varies and covers topics as wide and diverse as our signature Hivery Incubator™ series, The Product of You™ personal branding, and our recurring monthly programming that is complimentary to members including 5+ events per month. Membership includes access to thematic circles for Entrepreneurs, Writers, Creatives, and those seeking Inspiration and Wellness, as well as networking and connecting. Virtual membership includes recorded access to much of the programming that happens live at The Hivery.

We want to honor you and thank you for helping us grow. While we will always be an inclusive community, we will show our gratitude to the early charter members and loyal supporters who helped us grow with access to special events, hard hat parties, discounts, and more love. You are a shining example of how we are making this world better, one voice at a time.

"To have been witness to the power that occurs when women create and build, charge what they’re worth, collaborate together and scale with intention…the result is jaw-dropping.
This is what I want not just for women, but for humanity."

— Grace Kraaijvanger, Founder, The Hivery

Hear What Our Members & Loyal Community Have to Say

"I have died and gone to heaven! The space is so beautiful, the energy is incredible.. Really, you all have built such an amazing, empowering community." - Kat B.

"Wow! Eye-popping beauty and inspiration in every sense of the words! Grace has created a most unique space that is attracting entrepreneurs that are working on manifesting their dreams ~ And that is exactly what this world needs." -Jennifer P.

"I wouldn't be surprised to see a proliferation of Hiveries in our future. This is an idea whose time has come!" -Sandy R.

"Every aspect of this beautiful space is filled with heart, soul, grace, intelligence and amazing community. Grace has created the perfect environment for us to thrive and shine. Such a gift to the world! I would give it 10 stars if I could." -Delisa S.

Become a Founding Member at The Hivery

The Founding Member group is a small group of members who want to see The Hivery grow, want to be an instrumental part of our growth, AND want a multi-year membership with Founding Member perks like annual retreats among other women who believe deeply in this movement. 

Corporate Memberships + Meeting Spaces Available

San Francisco Charter Membership

+ Where exactly in Fort Mason will The Hivery be?

It’s so exciting! The Hivery SF will be located in Building D on the ground floor in the thriving and historic Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture campus, in the bustling and beautiful Marina District of San Francisco. The Fort Mason Center main campus entrance is off Marina Blvd at Buchanan Street.

Our members and guests will enjoy views of the Golden Gate Bridge, stunning floor to ceiling windows, an outdoor area, soaring ceiling height, and a creative campus filled with restaurants, theaters, gallerys, the Flax art store, Equator Coffee, abundant parking, and the sounds and views of the SF waterfront.

If you know where the famed, SF art store Flax is...we’ll be right next door on the ground floor.

+ What is the parking like and what are the other amenities around The Hivery Fort Mason?

The parking at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture has abundant parking! Yes...we said ABUNDANT. There is a large paid parking lot right on site and street parking in the nearby neighborhoods.

For more information, check out the Fort Mason website .

+ How does the size of The Hivery Fort Mason compare to The Hivery Mill Valley?

The Hivery San Francisco is over 5,000 square feet. Our Mill Valley space is over 4,000 square feet.

+ Can I be a member of both Hivery locations?

YES! We have a special All Access Pass for current members who want to be part of both our San Francisco and Mill Valley locations. If you are not yet a member of Mill Valley, we invite to join Mill Valley and then you can learn more about becoming an All Access member to both locations. If you are a current Mill Valley member, please email to learn more about our special discounted 2019 pass.

+ What will The Hivery Fort Mason look like?

We cannot wait to unveil this stunning space! Just picture gorgeous golden gate bridge and water views….

Our members and guests will enjoy views of the Golden Gate Bridge, stunning floor to ceiling windows, an outdoor area, soaring ceiling height, and a creative campus filled with restaurants, theaters, gallerys, the Flax Art & Design store, Equator Coffee, abundant parking, and the sounds and views of the SF waterfront.

The aesthetic will be similar to The Hivery Mill Valley’s award-winning design (Best Office Space in the US and Canada by Wayfair), but with thematic customization for the industrial and historical architecture of the Fort Mason Center.

There will be multiple conference/meeting rooms, plenty of phone booths, a stunning kitchen, gorgeous event space, retail featuring our members’ work, stylish and comfortable space, and more.

+ Will there be weekly events at The Hivery Fort Mason?

The number of events The Hivery SF will host will vary by week, but there is never a dull week at The Hivery. And most events will be open to the public, yet often free for members. Stay tuned to hear more about our calendar of upcoming events!

+ Do I get a free virtual membership with my SF or MV membership?

Hivery members have access to The Hivery Virtual Membership for free, but it is a separate platform that requires you to join. Once you become a member, you will get an invitation to join our Virtual Membership.

+ How can I try it out if I am not a current member?

Give The Hivery a try in Mill Valley with a Day Pass! Non-members can purchase a single Day Pass for $50 or a pack of three Day Passes for $99. Don't wait too long to buy your SF Charter Membership, as we are getting an overwhelming response to our new location.

+ Is The Hivery only for women?

The Hivery is an inclusive community welcome to all people. Our mission is to elevate the voices and unlock the unique potential of women; yet, from the beginning, The Hivery has been an inclusive space. We know it takes a new mindset, a new way of collaborating, a new way of working to create the space and community of our dreams. We are proud to be a female-fueled community and we know that having diverse voices and points of view in our membership is not only important, but offers the perspective that makes The Hivery special. We are proud to welcome all, regardless of gender identity.

The Hivery is built first and foremost on the core values of kindness, creativity, and community--core values that have a foundation in inclusion. We feel strongly that you can't be kind and inclusive to only a subset of people. Inclusion means for all. Thus, everyone is welcome at The Hivery.