Janet Crawford

Congratulations to member Janet Crawford...her TEDx talk has hit 100,000 views! If you haven't already, check out her talk "The Surprising Neuroscience of Gender Inequality."


"The Hivery is filled with serendipity and what takes place there and who we meet can change our lives forever. I met and had in instant connection during an event with a visiting creative leadership coach.  We began working together a year ago and she has helped me to expand and grow in ways I could have never dreamed.  This connection set me on a path that has been so inspirational and life changing. I did not even know I needed this in my life. I believeyour teachers appear when you need them and your not afraid to lean in.  

Thank you Hivery for being a vessel for connection."


How to Bring a Food Product to the Shelf | Mentoring at The Hivery

"Have you walked by one of the salons lately only to see a table full of packages of granola or energy bars? Two people almost too intently dissecting and discussing the contents? It's likely that you have witnessed one of the most important roles of my life in action at the Hivery. Hivery members that need mentoring to take their food ideas from concept to shelf.

Many of us can cook, preserve, brew, pickle, or roast with the best of 'em. But how can we get their product ready to compete with the other artisanal goods on the market shelves? Food products that are percolating at The Hivery just recently, have a sense of place, a sense of nutritional need, a sense of history, a level of environmental importance, impact, purpose and much more.

We are busy looking for ways for these foods to really stand out – whether it is sustainability, a particularly desirable price point, or a relatable story. We are determining what these amazing women's goals are, what they hope to achieve and what locations will have the privilege of seeing it.  Some you will see at farmers markets, mail-order and online or even just down the street at Mill Valley Market.

It is truly an amazing happening and one of the greatest honors of my life to serve The Hivery in such an impactful way."


Joining the Hivery has literally taken my business to new heights in ways I couldn't imagine! After joining back in May 2016 as one of the first concierges, I was lucky enough to take Megan Flatt's 90 Day Workshop. Although, I had an 3 year old existing consulting practice with over 400 clients, I was feeling burnt out and not sure what the next step was for increasing revenue, while also leveraging my expertise in new ways. Very quickly following Megan's consults and workshops, I leveraged my expertise into a lucrative webinar program which has been very successful. It's also opened up my very limited time (single mom and entrepreneur) to not only scale my practice but also get involved with a very exciting tech start up. The direct result of implementing the webinar program has allowed for more investment in the start up...which has lead to co-founding status as well as a funnel of over 100 new clients!!! Our re-launch is mid April and we are already garnering quite a buzz in the fitness/yoga industry with travel scheduled to Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, NYC and San Diego in 2017 to our target demographic.  I couldn't be happier and credit all of this exciting growth to the productive, focused, inspired, and supportive time I've enjoyed at the Hivery. Thank you so much, Grace for having the foresight and vision for the Hivery - it's a needed space for women to create, collaborate, get motivated, and make their dreams come true and it has been a pivotal support for this new chapter.


All my life I've wanted to be a fashion designer. I got steered away from design school while I was in high school, but it's always lingered. One big giant "What if?"  I finally left my job in tech marketing (I was with the company for over 11 years) to figure out what I really wanted to do.  It was scary and paralyzing. I kept interviewing for more tech jobs.  I finally signed up for the "What's Next" program in January to get some support and put structure to this exploration.  My cohort and coaches Linda Lesem and Laura Riordan helped me pull forth the answer:  I'm creative.  I'm inspired and excited by the creative field.  And, I just need to try it! In fairly rapid succession, I decided to do it and I ended up at Apparel Arts school in Oakland and working with Sefte Living in Marin.  I'll never forget something that Linda said:  If you put it out there, things will come. And, it did!

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