The Hivery is a collaborative and creative coworking
space where you can pursue your work,
passions,ideas and what’s next.

A Place to Belong

The Hivery is unique because we believe in the unstoppable power of creation, collaboration, and community. The most important gift The Hivery gives is the gift of inclusion, welcoming all who believe in support, kindness, and the creation of meaningful work. We believe you deserve a beautiful space, a sense of belonging, and a community who believes deeply in your ability to contribute your unique gifts to this world. 

An Inspiration Lab

Many of our members have changed careers or life paths in a dramatic way. They may have taken time off of their careers to raise kids, are contemplating going back to work, started a new business, or are exploring a new field. We understand how these big changes can lead to feeling isolated or stuck. That’s why we’ve created opportunities to connect, programs and tools designed to jumpstart your next chapter, and the inspiration and motivation to pursue your passions. 

A New Sense of Work

One thing unites us all: an inner drive to find work that fuels us, pushes our potential, and works in the intricacies of our lives. It may be “work” in the traditional sense of the word, or it may be broader, bigger, creative, and even a little crazy. We at The Hivery like that kind of thing. We love big ideas, lots of support, tremendous kindness, time for creativity, a space for soul, and we love the idea of putting you on your own to-do list. 


The Hivery Mission: 

To unleash the unique potential in all of us.